Make Work Better Virtual Summit

About This Virtual Summit

Strategic HR leaders know that when employees flourish, so does the business. But how can HR rise above the turbulence of ongoing disruption that creates obstacles for managers who could be your next leaders and for employees who are motivated to stay with your organization?

Join us for our one-day, high energy Make Work Better Summit and get the inside track from HR and business leaders who’ll show you how to rise above the turbulence and unlock the potential of your talent. Our speakers will cover some of the core questions facing HR today:

• How do you build human-centered strategies to develop an engaged and aligned workforce with a shared purpose?

• What actions can HR take to empower managers and employees to do great work and strengthen relationships, while also aligning with strategic business objectives?

• How can your personal approach to leadership save you from burnout and make all the difference in your success?

Human Centric Leadership:
- 1 HRCI Credit: 604599
- 1 SHRM Credit: 22-Z9JFU

Making Work Better Every Day:
- 1 HRCI Credit: 605890
- 1 SHRM Credit: 22-79D6N

How to Enable Great Performance:
- 1 HRCI Credit: 605893
- 1 SHRM Credit: 22-KPVTT
Session Lineup
  • with Jamie Aitken and Carly Reid
    Welcome to the Summit (9 am PT / 5 pm BST)
    Hear about the inspiration behind this event and what you’ll learn.
  • with Keynote Speaker, Ryan Estis
    Human Centric Leadership (9:15 am PT / 5:15 pm BST)
    Learn how to cultivate alignment, organize work, and drive future growth.
  • with Kate Beatty, Michaela Schoberova...
    Making Work Better Every Day (10:20 am PT / 6:20 pm BST)
    Panel discussion on how to elevate your business by elevating your people.
  • with Jamie Atiken of Betterworks
    How to Enable Great Performance (11:25 am PT / 7:25 pm BST)
    Learn how to lead your workforce through change by enabling employee performance.
  • with Veteran PGA Golfer, Luke List
    In Pursuit of Personal Excellence (12:30 pm PT / 8:30 pm BST)
    Wednesday, October 19, 2022 · 3:30 PM EDT
    Luke tells his story of perseverance, with insights on getting work done well.
  • with Jamie Aitken and Carly Reid
    Reflections on the Day (1:20 pm PT / 9:20 pm BST)
    Wednesday, October 19, 2022 · 4:20 PM EDT
    Reflect on what we’ve learned today and plan your own path to Make Work Better.